replace air handling unit


Labor, equipment, supervision, and materials for the replacement of the air handling and condensing unit with controls and TAB at the National Sedimentation Laboratory in Oxford, MS.

replace acoustical tile ceilings


Labor, materials, and supervision to replace 8,200 SF of acoustic ceiling tiles at the Visitor Center, 

Wind Cave National Park, 

Hot Springs, SD.

dehumidification & hvac


Labor, materials, equipment, and supervision to resolve insufficient dehumidification and eliminate the reliance on hot water use at the National Conservation Training Center, Shepherdstown, WV. 

replace freezer


Labor, materials, and supervision for the removal/replace and design of a 2,500SF stand alone freezer building at 

FMC Carswell, Fort Worth, TX. 

multiple construction projects


Exterior utilities, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, masonry, window, roof, soffit/fascia, gutter, fire alarm, and freezer work at Job Corps Center, Pine Knot, KY. 

boiler replacement


Labor, equipment, material, and supervision for the removal/replacement of (2) boilers & controls at the Redwood Sciences Laboratory, Arcata, CA.

hvac install


Labor, materials, equipment, and supervision for the removal/replacement of HVAC equipment, ductwork, controls, gas piping, and associated devices in the dining/career preparation building at the Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center, Laona, WI. 

water heater replacement


 Labor, equipment, material, and supervision for the replacement of (3) water heaters at 

Carswell Joint Reserve Base, 

Forth Worth, TX.

fire protection


Design/installation of water storage & pumping system for the existing fire sprinkler to meet pressure, flow, and duration requirements at Oconluftee Job Corps Center, Cherokee, NC. 

replace exhaust fans


Labor, materials, equipment, and supervision required for the removal/replace of (6) exhaust fans and associated mechanical and electrical parts in the Locomotive Shop at the Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton, PA. 

replace booster pumps


Labor, materials, equipment, and supervision required to remove/replace pressure booster pumps, hydro pneumatic tank, air compressor, plumbing, wiring, control panels, & carpentry work at Big Bend National Park, Panther Junction , TX.

Roof Replacements


Labor, materials, and supervision required for the replacement of existing asphalt shingle roof with sheet metal roof on multiple residential houses at the Austin Ranger District Residential Compound, Austin, NV.

replace boilers


Labor, materials, equipment, and supervision required to remove existing boilers, install new boilers, modifications to the existing flue, heating hot water piping, gas piping and controls for the archive building and museum/visitors center, Spearfish, SD. 

ansul system


Material, labor, supervision, inspection, and testing and disposal necessary to provide new welded steel duct work, exhaust fan, demolition, fire suppression system, electrical power, & incidental related work required to serve two existing ovens at 

FCI Morgantown, WV. 

lightning protection


Facilities, plants, labor, transportation, materials, and equipment to provide and install a complete lighting protection system including a grounding loop, 4 grounding wells, grounding rods, air terminals on buildings and miscellaneous metal structures, additional light poles, and surge protection for the Chicago Harbor Lock, Chicago IL.

hepa filter system


Material, labor, supervision, inspection, and testing necessary to install new fan powered HEPA filter systems in the new trauma room and isolation rooms completed with ventilation through the roof at FEMA Richmond Baptist Health, Richmond, KY. 

replace water heaters


Removal of existing heater and replacement with (2) natural gas-fired condensing water heaters and associated piping, new pumps, electrical, flue work through the roof with applicable flashing, testing, commissioning, and training at Vance AFB, Enid, OK. 

heating system repairs


Labor, materials, TAB, and supervision for the replacement of the existing heat recovery ventilation system with a new system including the energy recovery unit (ERV), ductwork, controls, and related incidentals at USCG Station, Boothbay Harbor, ME.

siding and roofing


Personnel, equipment, supplies, and materials to replace siding and roofing on the maintenance shop, administration building, shelter, & pump house at Mississinewa Lake, Peru, IN.

replace water heater


Labor, material, & equipment for installation of new 6-rack water heating Tankless System related to electro-mechanical controls, fittings, water valves, circulator & condensate pump, and venting for FCI Danbury, CT.  

concrete sidewalk


Labor, materials, & equipment for the  remove asphalt / replace with concrete sidewalk totaling 10,000 linear feet at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, MD. 

window, door, insulation


Plant, labor, equipment, supplies, & materials to perform the replacement of (28) windows and (7) doors, insulation of the management office building ceiling, and the installation of (4) solatubes in restrooms at Wappapello Lake, Wappapello, MO.

replace canopy lights


Labor, materials, & equipment (including design & fabrication of box frames) for the replacement of (18) low-profile, high efficiency LED canopy light fixtures at the Land Port of Entry, Pembina, ND. 



Labor, materials, and equipment for the removal of an oil-fired make up air unit (MAU) and replacement with (2) gas fired MAU units including additional gas lines, duct-work, electrical modifications, disconnects, louvers, and exhaust fans at 

Job Corps Center, Pine Knot, KY.